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Whether you are an expecting mother, a healthcare professional, a caring friend or relative, or passionate supporter, we’re glad you found us. We are like you—we want equal opportunities for all birthing parents. We feel your passion. And we want to hear from you.


Looking for individual doula care?

Accompany doulas are multi-cultural and speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, and Russian. Many of our Accompany doulas also provide individual doula care.

Check back soon to see contact information for our doulas providing individual care.

are you part of a Healthcare system wanting to offer doula care?

Is your organization interested in becoming a catalyst for positive change in birth experiences? We are aiming to partner with more healthcare systems to lower costs and increase patient satisfaction—and improve birth outcomes. 

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Do you share our vision of enabling positive change in birth experiences? We are fundraising to help broaden access to doula care for all birthing parents. We are open to sponsorship, donations, event ideas, and innovative collaborations. 

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Doulas are increasingly being used as a way to decrease healthcare disparities, which are especially prevalent during the perinatal year.