We have vital partners involved in our efforts


Research and evaluation will be critical to documenting the success of our pilot project, which is why we are partnering with data collection company  Maternity Neighborhood, which focuses on births, and particularly—on, midwife and doula-supported births.

We were awarded a Catalyst Grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, which we used to hire consultants to help us grow and move forward.

We partnered with March of Dimes as a part of Better Start Boston, an initiative to improve birth equity in the Greater Boston area. March of Dimes also lends advocacy support by organizing around H.1182: An Act Relative to Medicaid Coverage for Doula Services, a bill which aims to mandate Medicaid coverage of Doula support that we continually advocate for.

Boston Association for Childbirth Education (BACE) is a vital partner for this project providing important infrastructure support. BACE trains doulas, childbirth educators, and parents in birth-related topics and provides support to nursing mothers in the Boston area.   


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