Our team

We are led by a diverse team of doulas with different healthcare related backgrounds who came together with a common vision: Help every family reach their full potential, beginning with a positive birth experience.


Lorenza Holt


Former Executive Director for Boston Association for Childbirth Education (BACE). Spinning Babies Approved Trainer.


Chellamal Keshavan

Background in infant development and public health. BACE - NMC board member. Recently trained as a doula. Mother of two.


Alejandra Garcia


Master in Public Health. BACE-NMC Board Member. Recently trained as a Doula. Venezuelan.


Christina Gebel


MCH Director at March of Dimes, MA. Lamaze Childbirth Educator; studied under Gene Declercq at BUSPH. Birth doula since 2011.


Angela Pape

Background in Community Organizing and Fundraising. Birth Doula. Mother of three.


Vanessa Prohodski

Background in Business and Economics, Data Analytics. DONA Certified Birth Doula. Mother of one. Brazilian.


Meet our doulas

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Luz Lopez

Doula Supervisor

Luz has worked as a doula for 18 years and has been present for more than 3,000 births. For the most part, she has worked with low-income mothers, frequently recent immigrants whose needs go beyond individual support. She has been there to assist in legal situations, finding a home, grieving the loss of a child or in one case, the loss of the mother. As a bilingual immigrant mother herself, she feels honored to have the opportunity to be the comprehensive support these mothers need in such a special, unforgettable moment in their lives. Luz also worked as a certified lactation counselor at Boston Medical Center and provided support to mothers with premature newborns at high-risk. At home, her own 5 children, and 1 grandchild keep her busy! Aside from spending time with her family, she also enjoys gardening and going on walks.

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Sylva Yeghiayan

Project Manager

Sylva Yeghiayan, Ph.D., CD/PCD(DONA) has been certified as both a birth doula and postpartum doula since 2015.  She received her Doctorate in Neuroscience in 1995 specializing in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology.  She brings her research background to her doula practice encouraging clients to gain as much knowledge as possible about pregnancy and labor options for a positive and fulfilling birth experience.  She recognizes the importance of collecting data as a metric for progress in perinatal innovations and welcomes the opportunity to work with forward-thinking teams about improving birth and postpartum care for all.


Feroza Bashar

Feroza has been serving the South Asian community as a medical interpreter since the early 90s. She was honored to be counted amongst the first to graduate from the inaugural doula program at Cambridge Health Alliance and has been practicing for more than two decades since. Feroza finds her life’s fulfillment in supporting women through their birth journey.

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Enedina Walsh

When Enedina became a doula in 2001, she fell in love with the job the first day of doula training in a Boston hospital. She loves being part of one of the most important days of a family’s life. Enedina gives emotional support, love, protection, physical support, and shares knowledge to bring birthing parents good memories of their child’s birth. With her extensive experience over many years, she feels confident in her role and skills. She has been trained and has supported birthing parents in home births, families conceiving w/ART and IVF, twins, teens, VBAC, over 40, survivors of childhood sexual abuse, LGBTQP, expected stillbirth, high risk, single mothers, and water births. Additionally, Enedina is trained in Spinning Babies. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Guirlene Cantave

Guirlene (Gill) Jean is a labor and postpartum doula. She is passionate about working with families who are in transition in life, alone in their journey, or simply in need of another source of support. Because of her church affiliation, Gill has been exposed to various cultures which enable me to relate to many families. As a mother of three, she understands that each pregnancy, birth, and postpartum situation is unique. Therefore, it is with respect and great honor she enters this sacred space she has been invited in to. Gill sees her role is to support the family (especially the birther) to become equipped and empowered for their journey. She supports women in Haitian Creole or English.  


Dianna Hahn

Dianna has spent most of her career managing international education programs; working with students and volunteers to foster cultural competence and understanding. Her passion for birth began with her own journey as a parent. After the birth of her daughter and realizing the positive experiences that were possible because of the support networks she had in place, she became intrigued by advocacy and the role of a doula. She began her DONA birth doula training in the summer of 2017 and now is involved with multiple doula and birth education projects around Boston, including volunteering for Accompany and serving on the BACE board.   She is eager to support families as they navigate their own journeys with birth.


Maria Acuña

Maria grew up in Mexico and moved to the United States when she was twenty two years old. In Mexico she worked as nurse assistant and when she came here Maria wanted to work helping people, and in the medical field. She came across the Birth Sister program and has been a birth sister/Doula for the past 18 years. Maria loves her job because she has the opportunity to help women of all ages and backgrounds. Being a doula is very fulfilling to her. In her spare time, she likes to take zumba classes because it reminds her Mexico and it is a great, fun workout. Maria speaks Spanish and English.

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Poema Dauti

Poema is of Albanian nationality, and has been an American for 23 years. Her everyday motivation is being the best person she can be for herself, her kids and helping moms during pregnancy, birth and after birth once they get home and reality sets in. Time and time again, Poema has worked with moms, first time parents, parents new in this country, new at this system and environment and given them guidance, encouragement and reassurance. Poema helps new parents see that they can do it with help, hard work and lots of patience - they can make through the first 6-8 weeks postpartum! Once the mom and baby are settled, happy and healthy, Poema is happy too! Poema is married with 3 children. She speaks Albanian and English.


Daniella Nowicki

Hi! I am Daniella Nowicki and I am a birth doula serving Eastern Massachusetts. My approach to pregnancy labor and birth support is a five part plan of addressing education, the mind and body, unconditional continuous support, accessing the mammalian self, and avoiding unwanted interventions. I work with clients with many techniques that focus on each of these important aspects leading up to their birthing time while providing unbiased and loving support to the entire family and birthing person. During the birthing time I provide unlimited hands on comfort and relaxation techniques to the birthing person as well as helping birth companions to feel supported, comfortable and helpful. English is my first and only language.


Elaine Freitas

As a doula, Elaine sees her role as primarily providing important emotional, physical and spiritual preparation for birth, inspiring trust in a woman's ability to birth. She believes in women. We are strong and powerful and can make incredible things happen when we support each other.  Elaine believes that pregnancy and birth are a sacred time to be cherished and protected. With that perspective, it is her goal to allow every woman she partners with to feel heard, valued, and cared for.  The freedom and joy to make educated choices are empowering to all women. It is a great privilege to stand beside you and encourage you during one of life's most memorable moments. Elaine can support women in portuguese or english.


Eugenia Juarez

Eugenia is a native of Guatemala having moved to the United States in 1992. Working for many years in the industrial field, Eugenia always maintained her love of helping moms deliver their babies. She began working at Boston Medical Center’s Birth Sisters program in 2007 until it’s dissolution. She transitioned into working as a CNA in Maternity at Boston Medical Center from 2009-2016. Presently, Eugenia is a Unit Coordinator at BMC in Maternity, a Doula in Cambridge Hospital since 2009 and a Certified Lactation Consultant for W.I.C starting in February 2019. When not busy with one of her many endeavors Eugenia can be found traveling to Guatemala, helping her husband with his business and spending quality time with one of her many grandchildren.

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Julie-Eza Pena

Mostly known as Julie. She is often seen with both of her boys, and very soon with her little girl. She is a family oriented person who carries that with her as a doula. Her first experience with a doula was actually with one of our own team members, Enedina, back in 2014. She was a teen mom back then. Now she uses her experience to better serve teenager parents.


Want to become a part of our team?

We are always growing our diverse, rockstar team of doulas. If you are interested in becoming a part of our doula team or have any questions about what it means to be a doula, we want to hear from you!