Our values



As we recognize that each individual, family, and situation are different. We take the time to understand their unique needs and align with their goals in a supportive and respectful way. We nurture long-lasting relationships, accompanying birthing parents before, during and after labor to ensure a positive and fulfilling birth experience.


Our knowledge and experience in the birthing field allow us to provide high-quality service to both birthing parents and the healthcare system. Serving as a bridge between the two, facilitating communications and ensuring better working relations that achieve greater patient satisfaction. While improving birth outcomes and lowering healthcare costs


Our work focuses on improving birth outcomes, especially where inequities and disparities are higher. Our agenda is dedicated to ensure birthing parents have a positive birth experience. We become a reliable source of support, helping them make well-informed decisions and making sure their voices are heard and respected.


We take pride in serving birthing people that otherwise wouldn't have the means or support during this significant moment in their lives. In offering cultural and linguistic services appropriate to each situation that address communication and cultural barriers, we are inclusive, nonjudgmental and proud of being able to impact our communities in such a positive way.